Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fiddle-faddle, Folderol and Foolishness


It's SPRING and optimism reigns. No more stump-funk. No more whining. I'm sick of it. I'm having a little self-motivation party here this month. Time to bust through the fog of winter and just get on with it, already.

Here's the deal...I'll be posting a drawing a day in April (assuming I have internet access on the one trip I'm taking). In any case, I'll be making a drawing a day in April, and hopefully posting them each evening. I've even made myself a little logo...

Want to join me? I'd love to have the company! Feel free to grab the logo and post it on your blog - just link back here, so I can see who is playing, okay?

Wishing you much love and creative energy on this lovely April Fool's Day.