Saturday, April 05, 2008

040508 - Ovation in Orange


I couldn't get to my scanner tonight, so I took this photo, instead.  I decided to draw my Ovation acoustic guitar, resting comfortably in her little guitar stand.  My favorite orange (Uhh...MANGO) leather chairs are right behind it.  This actually started out as a blind contour drawing (check the right hand side of the fret board), but I was just so far off, and I wanted to do her justice, so I switched to looking. 

I really like the way this sketchbook folds out - long drawings like this can happen so much more easily!

And to follow up on a previous post - the new tower of Crayola markers arrived Thursday afternoon.  The boys wasted no time testing each and every one.

Crayola Marker Test session

Crayola Marker Test Session

The were all deemed "Crayola-worthy."

Thanks Crayola - you have great products and magnificent customer service!