Thursday, April 17, 2008

041708 - Hooky!!

We've thrown off the bonds of cooperative schooling and fled to the hills.  The quiet rush of the stream across the lane is lulling me to sleep, but for you, dear reader, I blog.  Yes.  I mean you...the one with the bleary, bloodshot eyes.  And that other guy over there with the t-shirt that says "beer."  I know my readership, people.

The dogwoods are a-bloomin' here in East Tennessee, and their white blossoms brighten up the landscape considerably.  So lovely, in fact, that on our adventures today I sat right down next to the east or west prong of the Little Pigeon River and drew one.  (I can't keep those prongs straight.)  

Dogwood in Bloom

This is the first time I've ever camped in a place with internet access. It feels a bit like cheating, except that it is very quiet, I can see every single star in the sky and the only light pollution comes from the almost full moon outside. That, and the fact that it touches the boundary of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is good enough for me.

We had a fantastic, blue-sky, robins-singing kind of day today.  Even the dogs had fun, except our long walk left Sr. Chico rather kaput, with his herniated disk and all.   But that's a story for another day.  Here's a little slideshow of what we did and saw and picked up...

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