Sunday, April 06, 2008

040608 - At Borders

IMG, originally uploaded by diahn.  pencil and gouache in large Moleskine sketchbook.

Linda and I had a chance to meet up for a cup of coffee, a slice of lemon loaf, and much hearty guffawing this afternoon. You'd think two women on this side of FABULOUS would be mature enough to handle being out in public without driving off other customers at the coffee shop.

But you'd be wrong.

For one thing, only one of us is actually on this side of FABULOUS, the other won't be there for another few months.

For another, we actually got dirty looks from the lady sitting across the shop from us, who was apparently trying to read a newspaper in solitude. Anyone who is so easily distracted, obviously needs to read in private.

When she got up and left, she slipped a couple of pointed glances at us and shook her head in disgust. The thirteen year old boy inside of me made a semi-covert gesture.

Which then sent us into peals of laughter again.

Who needs liquor when you have coffee and lemon loaf? And the company of a friend...that's what makes it all come together.