Sunday, April 13, 2008

041308 - Bait of Champions

Bait of Champions, originally uploaded by diahn.

That's what the packaging says, anyway. I'm thinking it's what champions use...not what lures champions?

Anyhow...we're gearing up for our first camping trip of the season. On my list - nature journals, bird identification books and wildflower guides. On the boys' fishing lures, line and a brand spanking new net. We'll all get our ways - I don't have a fishing license, so we'll be doing nature walks and sketching while Daddy is gone to his meeting and they'll do lots of fishing when he's with us. (I'm not opposed to fishing...there are just alot of other things I can find to occupy my time when we're in the woods...)

The weather looks like it will be fantastic - warmish during the day, coolish at night. Maybe a little rainy-ish over the weekend. We're very hopeful that the 30% chance of rain is more like a 70% chance of NOT rain, though.

I'm really ready to see some stars away from the glow of the city - to hear the choruses of frogs in the trees - to smell the sweet decaying leaves that litter the ground next to the stream - to see the dappled sunlight that makes its way to the ground through the new Spring leaves - to taste s'mores and maybe s'more - to touch the smooth river pebbles on the bank of the river - to hear the smack of the water as they skip across to the other side - to wake up with the rising sun and the chirping of birds.

Only three more sleeps until I can recharge my batteries...