Saturday, April 12, 2008

041208 - A Perfect Day

Perfect Day 2, originally uploaded by diahn.

There are some days that defy description. They start out beautiful and just get beautifuller. (Yes...I know that isn't a word. Thanks.) Today was one of those picture perfect, postcard kind of days. The sky was almost too blue, the flowers were almost too pink. Just lovely.

We went out driving around the countryside, looking for our own slice of heaven. Dr. Smarty Pants has about a 2 year limit on any given living situation. He starts getting restless and internet shopping for real estate. We'd both like a little more land and a little less neighbor, but, as you might have heard, the market isn't at it's strongest, and we do have a house we'd have to sell.

It's still fun to dream and wonder and imagine. We drove into one valley today just as the sun had moved to above the ridge on one was spectacular. I saw an old farm house with 'UGE TRACTS O'LAND up on the edge of the woods and wanted to go up and knock on the door and ask the people in it what the heck they thought they were still doing in MY HOUSE? Everywhere we looked there were cows and horses and tractors and trees and birds chirping and lawn ornaments and perfect little white churches with perfect white steeples...

It may have actually been animated.

So. I haven't drawn today. And that's okay. I used my camera and captured a little perfection with it instead. It's supposed to be cold out tomorrow. I'll bundle up and draw something then.

Until then...I'll be dreaming of my sweet little valley and the 100 year old farmhouse I'll have someday. With chickens.