Friday, January 16, 2009



In a few short days, the eyes of the nation, and the world will be upon this building.  We've been watching as the stage has been built, stands assembled, bunting unfurled.  There's an energy and excitement in the air.

And Obama bobbleheads on every corner.

It's a strange mixture of pomp and circumstance meets tacky souvenir and t-shirt stand.

Many people have asked us if we are going to be there for the ceremony.  We thought about it, talked it over, and decided we're going to stay here and watch it on the television.  If there were any way to be close enough to actually see it, I would be there in an instant, but jostling for position with 4 million of my closest friends, while keeping an eye on two active boys, only to see the whole thing on the JumboTron in below freezing temperatures?