Monday, January 05, 2009



Today was the day we started living here.

Before today, we were moving here, you see.  But today - Dr. SmartyPants went to work and we went to school.  Well.  We stayed at home, of course, but we started back to school. 

And actually - we didn't stay at home all day.  The boys and I headed out for our first sans-Smarty Metro ride.  We decided to try a short trip - just two stops away - to make sure everyone understands the rules of the transit system.

It's funny - we go everywhere together, the boys and I.  We've driven hundreds of miles without the Smarty.  We've stayed in hotel rooms without the Smarty.  We've done lots of things on our own - no problem.  But - we've always had the comfort and security of our own car - traveled under our own steam.

Now, I know that people take the subway with their kids all the time, but this was my first experience going without an extra set of hands with me. 

And it was great.

I had the boys look at the map to decide which train to take - only one line runs through our neighborhood station, but they had to figure out which direction to go.  We talked about what to do if we got separated.  Everyone stuck together and made sure they were getting on the correct train.

Having ridden it back in November when we were here looking at housing, and going again yesterday with the Smarty, they were feeling quite confident.  Junebug is no longer willing merely to ride the escalators up or down - he wants to walk them like the commuters do.  Doodlebug gets to the platform and immediately checks the board to see when our train will be arriving. 

It's a beautiful and frightening thing to see your children growing in confidence and ability.  I know that soon there will come a day when Junebug will pull his hand away from mine as we step onto a train - when Doodlebug forgets to look back to make sure I'm behind him before getting off one.  I'm sure it will break my heart a little, just as it causes it to swell with pride.

And that, my friends, is the pain and joy of motherhood.