Saturday, January 24, 2009



The weather over the last couple of weeks has been bitterly cold.  We've bundled up and ventured out here and there, but haven't had any long stints playing outside for while.

Until yesterday.  Glorious yesterday.

After we finished school, we headed out to the park.  I checked my Blackberry while we were out and it said the temperature was 55F.  Fantastic.   The dogs frolicked, the boys ran and jumped and climbed and monkey-barred, I chatted long-distance with Melinda.

Strange, then, that the only thing I could find to draw was my booted leg.  The lines of it were strangely appealing, though.  So I did.

Today, we're headed out to the Museum of American History.  Surely I can find something there to draw other than my own leg.

And maybe even something to blog about other than the weather.