Wednesday, January 21, 2009



I drew this back on our anniversary, and just remembered to scan it.  I probably was trying to block the memory of that particular meal from my mind.  We went to The Cheesecake Factory, and I don't think we've ever paid more for a meal we enjoyed less. 

The cheesecake was good, though.  And we enjoyed tooling around a new neighborhood.


The boys and I ventured out to the library today, finally.  We'd been waiting for our library card, which arrived yesterday.  Yes, the library is just across the park - a quick walk away - however - we had to apply for our card online as we are not permanent residents of this city, and then wait for it to arrive.

The library is the central one in the county, and it is huge compared to the little neighborhood library we are accustomed to frequenting.  When we walked in, the boys looked around and asked why there were TWO floors?  The children's area, alone, is probably the same size as our usual library.  I love, love, LOVE children's books and probably could spend the next year over there and never make it to the "grown-up part."  They picked out 3 books each and I picked out about 15, but then realized I'd forgotten my book bag and put some back, thinking I should ration myself to 5 at a time or so.  sigh.

So much to little time.


On a reading note, I came across a reading networking site that looks very interesting.  If you are always reading and looking for new things to read - you may find something enthralling there, too!  It basically sets up trails of books to read and connects them at "intersections" that may send you off on another reading tangent.

Don't you just love those forks in the road?