Wednesday, January 07, 2009


010 The new sofa arrived today.  We've been making a pallet on the floor every night to watch movies.  Does everyone know what a pallet is?  I always thought they did, but when I married Dr. SmartyPants, he had never heard of one.

For those of you who are uneducated in such things,  a pallet is a a construction of multiple layers of your very softest, cushiest and most beloved quilts and blankets, used for the purpose of laying around on the floor to watch movies, or to sleep when you are visiting your cousins in Alabama.  There's really nothing better than when your aunt walks into the shag-carpeted sunken den with the stack of slightly musty-smelling, but neatly folded blankets.

It signals more than just bedtime.  It signals FUN. 

Anyway - the fun is over.  My pretty blue sofa has taken the pallet spot and a nice cushy shag rug sits in front of it - ready for movie watching.

The TV and internet are supposed to be hooked up tomorrow, and then I will really feel like we're home.

Today, it was rainy and cold again, so we stayed home all day.  The boys had a pajama day.  After school, and after the sofa delivery, I sat in the living room and drew what I could see out our front window.

I love the combination of slate roof and red brick.  It's such a lovely color palette.  Which is a completely different kind of palette.

First completed urban landscape.  Check.

Outside My Window

gouache and ink in large Moleskine sketchbook