Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Hope Springs Eternal

I finally had a chance to break out the gouache and ink and play a little.  My intention for my entry in my brand-spankin' new Moleskine was to head out and draw from life - something wonderful and urban and sparkly.

Only - was really rainy.  And cold.  And rainy.

So I sat upstairs in the schoolroom - slash - studio and looked out the window and thought about drawing the row of houses behind my row of houses, but then spotted this pretty branch of a tree that has its buds all set and ready for Spring.  so I drew it and made the sky blue like in the picture in the last post.

It may take a little work to make this new urban lifestyle translate to the sketching style.  How does one make the transition, I wonder?  I tried, on Sunday, to sketch the Executive Office Building, but it was ridiculously bad - as if I've never drawn before.  It really shows what a focus I've put on organic forms.  I'm so comfortable with them, and so uncomfortable with drawings requiring lines and angles and perspective.

It's time to change that, and I'm in a perfect place to try.

Urban Sketchers - here I come...