Monday, March 20, 2006

WDE 3.17.06

Found a little time today to play in the Moleskine. I had already washed these pages in red, yellow and orange watercolors. I used a 2B mechanical pencil on top, then added the ultramarine wash at the end. The portraits were old - lovely and soft and fun to try to recreate. I've not posted an enlargement of the French doorway due to copyright issues - the image was for use in the WDE only.

Each of these images took about 10 minutes to do. It really is remarkable what all this sketching and drawing over the past year has done for my skill and confidence. What took 10 minutes today would have taken an hour a year ago. I am finding that I am placing my marks more quickly and without so much self consciousness - what was a long and drawn out process has started to become more intuitive. I guess practice really does help after all :)
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