Friday, March 03, 2006

Transitional Colors

I forgot to post this one - it was the last of the pinks, done on Feb 28, in the Moleskine. It includes the plan for the next few months of colors - green, blue, red and yellow. I thought that after last month's pink and this month's orange, we'd cool it down for awhile - plus April makes green a breeze - green is not a breeze, but finding green things in April is a breeze! (assuming this crazy east tennessee weather hasn't killed everything off by then...)

The second picture here is also in the Moleskine - my not-so-cheap watercolors don't dry so chalky...hmmm imagine that...this one is an example of this crazy east Tennessee weather - beautiful sunny day on the first day of March - high was around 72 - in the sunny areas it was very warm! The boys and I decided to take advantage, and spend the day outside. We went to a local park after school and they climbed and jumped and ran and slid and squealed while I drew the play structure. Yes - outside, in public, right out there in the open - not even one person (that I was aware of) looked at me funny.

This afternoon, Linda and are off on a Knoxville sketchcrawl. This time we are actually going to try and get some drawing done...and I'll try to post those very soon!
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