Friday, March 10, 2006

EDM #56 - Self Portrait - in orange, of course...

I let the boys sleep in this morning, and while it was quiet, stole a few minutes in front of the bathroom mirror NOT tending to this unruly hair for a change. The Everyday Matters Group weekly challenge last week (yes, I'm late, as usual) was to draw a self portrait. So - I started on the left hand side of the paper with a blind contour self portrait just to warm up. I kind of like it's wonky appearance.

On the right is the self portrait I drew while looking in the mirror AND at the paper. It's much closer to what I really look like than the one on the left :-). It's not spot on, but for a quick drawing (less that 10 minutes) I think I've captured some of me. I could critique it forever (my nose is not really that wide, for instance), but instead, I'm going to focus on the positives. I drew it from life, in PEN, and in orange and still managed a reasonable likeness. That's huge, folks (especially the life and pen part). I didn't noodle it to death - just drew, drew over and moved on. Also huge.

Okay - time for you who know me to chime in. Does it look like me? My boys recognized it as me immediately (the one on the right, that is...)
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