Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sketching away a Saturday

Linda and I were inspired to go sketching on Saturday - the weather was fantastic, clear and warm - the hubbies and kids were otherwise occupied - and by golly...we just had to go!

We started out at the corner of Church Street and Gay Street - at the mysterious sculpture of the Rowing Man - is he rowing up out of an alternate reality? Is he sinking into a patch of wet concrete? Who sculpted him...there's not a plaque or any kind of marker indicating the artist, and a Google search doesn't reveal anything. I'm intrigued...aren't you??? I hope the photos give a sense of scale - he's really monumental, highly detailed and gorgeous.
***update: The sculpture is "Oarsman" by David Phelps, installed on this corner in 1989.

update #2***I just got a nice comment from Mr. Phelps, who said the sculpture was installed in 1988. Thanks for the update, David - and thanks for your kind comment!

We wandered around a bit, looking at some of the architecture around town (some very interesting, others very shiny...) and ended up passing through the japanese magnolia blossoms at the entrance to Krutch Park. We did a little shopping in Market Square, where I bought a lovely little hat and then stopped in The Tomato Head for a Diet Coke and a sketch break.
That bird is supposed to be a pigeon...apparently I need to do a month on birds...the lady in the sunglasses was not as pregnant as I've made her appear, so I hope she never sees this ;). The other lady had great, enviable wavy hair casually swept up off her neck - I love hair like that. Mine is stick straight and no amount of persuading will have it otherwise. sigh.

The lamp post, from my chair, looked like it was getting a big hug from the tree next to it - a bit Narnian in feeling, if you know what I mean.
This sketchcrawling thing is getting kind of addicting - everything starts looking like fodder for the Moleskine, these days! I am looking forward to my next opportunity...
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