Saturday, March 18, 2006

O'Fun on an O'Date with the O'Family

Okay, I'm not very Irish (just a smidge) but we decided to go out to eat on St. Patrick's Day at O'Charley's. It really wasn't an Irish consideration - kids eat free at O'Charley's...

Afterward, we stopped in the next door Starbucks for a cup of cafe americano and some hot chocolate for the kiddos and everyone had a sketch. Wow - I really need to work on perpective and circular shapes...ouch.

DH did a nice job with his cup, and D struggled a bit with it, but then came through nicely. J scorned all life drawing and stuck with the imagination...angels, space monkeys and Linda. Yes, that's Linda, of Quotidian Curiosities fame. No, he's not met her. We had been talking about her earlier in the day. J and I went out looking for suitable sketchbooks for he and the big brother and really couldn't find anything to suit us both. The Moleskine Cahier journals came the closest, size and price-wise, but he wants a black cover and elastic closure like my Moleskine. Well, $16 for a kid who goes through paper like, well, paper, is a bit much. (especially given that he's 4). I want to encourage his artistic efforts, but I'm not made of money, you know. So - I had told him that maybe we could make one for his and D's use. He wisely asked if I even knew how to make sketchbook, and I told him that I did not, but maybe I could ask Linda. he's eager to meet Ms. Linda and get his sketchbook put together. You see he jumped from me asking her about it, to her doing the whole thing. It's like he doesn't trust me or something. Could be the fact that there's a little gray stuffed cat in my sewing box, with a hole in the side of it's head. It's been sitting there for about 3 months now...Linda...HELP!!
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