Monday, November 01, 2010

Walk On


Of all the things I've enjoyed about living in Arlington, VA, this is the one I believe I'll miss the most. It's such a simple thing, but something that - as a family - we'd not done much before we moved here.

What is it?


Living here, we walk everywhere - because everything we need is in within walking distance. In an average week, I drive our car once. We walk to the grocery, to the library, to the park. We walk to restaurants, shops, Starbucks. We walk to the train and then to all the museums and monuments available to us in DC.

We map out our walks sometimes - we may cover close to 6 miles in a sight-seeing day, easily.

There's something about walking to get where you need to go. There's time to talk and time to notice and time to enjoy the change of seasons and the differences in the light. There's time to hold hands and laugh and hug. There's opportunity to stop and marvel at the high-rise building that, only months before, was a huge hole in the ground. There's time to walk off the burger and beer from the Talky Beer Place.

I'm not sure how we'll handle the lack of walking when we get back to Knoxville. We can't walk TO anywhere there. We live in a neighborhood full of houses, instead of a neighborhood full of everything. Our sidewalks lead to highways instead of grocery stores. It's a big difference to walk for the purpose of walking, rather than for the purpose of going somewhere...

...and I'll miss it.

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