Monday, November 29, 2010

The Saga Continues...(or how social media gets results...) Part I


Look! Pretty picture!

Now, let's get down to business, shall we?

You may remember that I told you about a friendly little chat I had with a Comcast customer service representative a month ago.  Well, Saturday was our install date and because the technician was scheduled to be here between 8 am and 11 am, he arrived at 11 am.

Which was awesome.

Because I love waiting.

Anyway - he comes in and gets to work, attaching cables and bringing in boxes and moving stuff around to get to the outlets. When he's finally done, and he asks us to sign off on the order, we ask a couple of questions, like what is the information needed for the wireless internet and why there is no box for the bedroom TV.

To which he replies, "You signed up for a regular modem. And one box for the living room. And that's all."

Now, when we had the friendly little chat with Husain, he promised to send out an email detailing our you recall? And I told you that his email had nothing to do with our order and was only a confirmation of our install date and time? And how I had very little confidence that anything would be correct?

I hate always being right.

We ordered one (1) HD DVR box for the living room, one (1) HD box for the bedroom, and one (1) WIRELESS (because it's the 21st century, people) modem for the house. All that was to go along with the particular package that we ordered that has HD channels.

He brought and installed one (1) regular digital cable reciever and one (1) regular WIRED modem. So, he brought a box that is not able to even get the channels that we are signed up and supposed to be paying for.


He apologized, told us we could take the boxes and modem down to the local office and exchange them out and avoid additional installation charges (which would be substantial if he came back out.)

So. We waited all morning for the guy to get there, he shows up and installs the wrong stuff, and WE can correct it.

I was a little peeved. So I tweeted this:

Shortly afterward, I tweeted this:

Which was true. He said that we'd be surprised how many wrong orders he installs. Especially those that are handled through their web orders.

I didn't tweet those things to affect any change on the universe, but rather to vent to the universe a little. I was pissed, I was tired, I needed to set up my DVR to record Glee. I had things to do, people.

But, did you know there are people who are paid to look at tweets like that? Yes indeedy-do, people. Real live people who have to read our vitriolic rants against the corporate machine.

So, I got a response...

So. did ComcastBill help?

Come back tomorrow for Part II of the saga....