Monday, November 22, 2010

The Sun Sets

Sunset on Quincy

It's true. The sun is setting on our time in DC. I'm packing the kitchen today, which means
  1.  we really are leaving.
  2. we'll be eating takeout for Thanksgiving and pretty much every meal between now and then.
We've cleared our bucket list, and managed to see everything at least once, including the Pentagon last Friday. I have no pictures of that because you can't take pictures inside the Pentagon.

You can't take pictures outside the Pentagon, either.

Which explains why I was tackled on the southwest side and held at gunpoint.

Okay. That didn't happen. But it sounds a lot more exciting that what really happened, which was that a very nice Pentagon policeman stopped me as we passed his post close to the Pentagon memorial,  asked me very kindly to please delete the photos I inadvertently took because I can't read signage, and watched me as I did so.

Then he apologized for the bother.

I was hoping Denzel Washington would show up in a flak jacket, order me to the ground and frisk me just for good measure, but it didn't happen.

Oh well.

In any case - I may not post again between now and Friday - depends on how quickly things get packed in the truck, when we disconnect the Verizon here and whether the hotel we're staying in Wednesday night has internet access.

And also whether I have any energy left to type something.

If I don't see you between now and Thursday, and you happen to live in these here United States - have a fantastic Thanksgiving - eat a ton of turkey and dressing for me, okay?