Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Back in Time

It isn't that there's a lack of historical sites in east Tennessee. There are plenty.

Its just that they are spread out over a larger area that here in the DC area. Everywhere we turn, we run into our nation's history, here. There are markers and monuments and national parks and...and...and...

Well, it's enough to keep a geeky homeschooling mama on her toes, I'll tell you.

Last Saturday, we went to Harpers Ferry, WV. It was such a fantastic trip. The entire town is now a National Historical Park. We spent the entire day wandering around the buildings, reading about the town's history, which was long and vibrant, and enjoying the beautiful autumn day.

What a treasure.

Even Raikki had a good time...he especially enjoyed the public water fountains...

Just a Little