Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Sketchbook Project...Part 2

Sketchbook Project_0001

This is where I'll be having a little more fun with the project. The grid is not traditional - it's more of an isometric projection grid, although the isometric part is a little wonky. It's just background, people - don't get all huffy about it.


The bird takes center stage here, literally and figuratively. And although I don't have them in here yet, the "lines" for these spreads are going to be composed of movie lines - great quotations in film history that are just begging to spring from the mouths of anthropomorphized creatures.

Heh. I find it endlessly amusing...don't ask me why...

But DO tell me your favorite movie quotations, and I promise I'll use them and name a critter after you, okay?

I'll even let you pick if you want to be a bird or a lizard or a frog or a hippopotamus.


Tell me your favorite movie quotation AND the animal that should be saying it. I'll send everyone that plays along a little postcard of their drawing, 'mkay?

Because I need help, people. This teeny sketchbook has a lot of pages to fill before I have to send it back in January...