Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Living Fossils


Gingko Gingkgo Ginkgo!

I never spell it right the first time.

This is my favorite leaf page, so far. I love ginkgo leaves, especially in the fall when they turn golden yellow. Absolutely gorgeous shape and color.
So. It's Tuesday. It's rainy and cool. I don't want to get out of my pajamas today, but I really need laundry detergent, and while some people go to the grocery in their jammies, I just can't do it, man. I mean seriously - it's one thing to HAVE Tweety Bird pajama bottoms, people...

It's an entirely different thing to wear them to Safeway.
I gained four pounds after the 5K on Saturday. All of them were directly related to the post-race celebration day we had.

So, now I'm completely avoiding foods that start with "B."

Dang. I had bran cereal this morning. That completely blows the diet.

I guess I'll go ahead and have that last brownie in the pan, now.