Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chills, Hills, Thrills and a Significant Lack of Caffeine


Hello, dear friends. I'm back in the land of internet technology. It seems forever since I've seen you.

I missed you very much.

I've done a lot of reading, a lot of painting (of the wall variety...not of the art variety), a bit of sketching (more on that later), a smidge of camping (later as well), and what seems a great deal of staring into space and not thinking about anything in particular.

It was all very Zen.
This morning, after I had one cup of coffee, I headed out for my run. The 5K is one week from today, so I decided to get off the track and onto a local trail that has a few moderate hills in preparation for some real-life road running.


After I regained consciousness and dragged myself back home, I turned the coffee pot back on (it had just gone off when I walked in the door) and went back upstairs to get dressed to go to the farmer's market for my week's supply of Honey Crisp apples and hydroponic lettuce and other vegetable goodies. Dr. SmartyPants was cleaning up the breakfast bowls and supervising the boys' attempts to straighten their room.

I walked back downstairs, fixed a bowl of cereal, grabbed my coffee cup and walked over to the coffee maker.

The coffee maker what had nary a coffee pot upon it. The coffee maker whose pot had just been dumped and scrubbed clean by a certain someone. The coffee maker that I had turned on just moments before so I could have my much needed second cup of coffee after having run 900 MILES UPHILL AND BACK*.

Dang it.

The Smarty and I will be entering couples counseling soon.**

*where 900 miles uphill and back = 2 1/2 miles with a couple of up and down hills...

**where couples counseling = he bought me an Americano from Starbucks on our way to the farmer's market...