Monday, September 27, 2010



It's been so much fun trying to match up animals with movie quotes - I don't know why, but this little house sparrow just seemed to scream Jules from Pulp Fiction.

He totally has the attitude. And there anything better than the bad ass attitude of Samuel L. Jackson? I think not.
I'm feeling completely inspired by this project, I'll tell you - it's something I've needed...inspiration, that is. I believe these will make it onto fine art paper or canvas and limited edition prints. I can just see a series of them hanging in an office or over a sofa.

Or in a bathroom.

Don't look at me like that. People put art in all kinds of places.

Now I just have decide if I want to use gouache or acrylic or crayons or finger paints. I've been using a lot of gouache lately, but it's so gorgeous, I'm not sure I want to stop.

My mom bought me some mule poop paper a while back. Maybe I'll paint some on that.

Wait a minute. Do you think my mom is trying to tell me something?