Thursday, April 01, 2010


Cherries a la Jefferson

I mentioned that Linda and I had worked out a theme for April, right? Right. Well - here it is...

"Quiet Spaces."

We'll be following the theme over at quirk, but also in our other artistic and creative pursuits.

What does that mean for me?

Well. I'm not exactly sure. Quiet spaces are hard to come by in my household, as I'm sure they are in most everyone's. But that is exactly why it is such a timely prompt - we all need quiet spaces, don't we? Time and quiet to think and plan and dream and create...I think I spend most of my day saying, "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," to young boys and young dogs and random stranger's kids in restaurants.

Quiet spaces...ahhh


Dr. SmartyPants was off work today, so we all went down to the Tidal Basin to take in the cherry blossoms - yesterday was "peak" bloom, so the trees were absolutely gorgeous. But, I'll tell you - it was the sky that stole the show - such a deep, intense blue, it just almost looked fake.

It was a much better experience than last year.

I'm sorting through the quockabillion* pictures of cherry blossoms that I took, and as soon as I get them uploaded and put in some kind of order, I'll post a slide show of them, so you can experience that sky, as well.

I'm going to do that for you - my pretty, pretty readers. Because I heart you times a quockabillion.

Until then, I'll be soaking my tired feet, recharging my camera batteries and dreaming of quiet spaces...and trying to regain a little energy for our trip to Mt. Vernon tomorrow...

*A quockabillion is an extremely large value. The exact value is known only to a certain blonde-headed 8-year-old boy who often uses it as hyperbole to explain how many stars are in the sky, or days there are until Christmas, or by how many seconds he beat Derek in that foot race.