Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello, Lady...

Hello, Lady

I saw my first ladybug of the season yesterday at the park. She (because they are all girls, right?) flew into the side of my face and then dropped down onto the strap of my bag, and the contrast of that lime green with her deep red shell was just so startling.

I'm still amazed that my iPhone managed to capture it so clearly. Maybe I should ditch the DSLR and just go all iPhone, all the time.

Today is the big book sale at the library. I'm planning on getting there as soon as it opens, with a couple of my big grocery sacks and all the cash I can dig up.

I love library sales. It's like one of those everything's a dollar stores, but with stuff you actually want. I'm not sure where I'll put all the treasures I'm sure I'll find, but I figure if necessary, the boys can share one twin sized bed, right?

I have my priorities.
Why does the forecast always start to call for Saturday rains as soon as soccer season starts?
We'll likely go to another car show on Sunday, barring any leftover Soccer-Saturday rain. This one features British motorcars, so I am going to try and find an Italian man to offend.
And finally - I stumbled on this photostream yesterday at Flickr and was completely awestruck. I should have linked to it yesterday, in honor of Earth Day, but it's still appropriate...enjoy..

Have a spectacular weekend, people!