Monday, April 26, 2010

How the Weekend Stacked Up

Stacked 3

I painted. Hurray!
The soccer game was so long and not-winnish that I took no pictures. But the players had a great time and didn't care one bit. Also it rained a bit. Because just losing by six goals wasn't punishment enough for one day.
The British on the Green car show wasn't rained out, so we went and checked out the British cars. But I couldn't fine even ONE Italian to annoy. Bummer.

Mini with Cricket Bat

But there was a really cute Scotsman serving ice cream, and when he said things like "chocolate" and "scoop," my heart fluttered a little. Dr. SmartyPants wouldn't let me hang out at the ice cream stand after that.
I bought a new house on the Pappamomick River. (that's the Potomac, for all you non-Joshua native speakers). It has a lovely view and dock and a boat and a wrap-around porch.

My New House

The only downside is that the people living there don't seem to remember selling it to me.

Happy Monday, my people...