Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

I'm going to start out by saying...THERE WAS NO BLOOD ON TUESDAY!

Now, you can safely read the rest of this post.

I've been drawing! and painting! and cutting out things! and taping! and gluing! All in the name of doing a little CPR on my creativity.  (Hmmm...CPR...Creativity!Power! R..oh, forget it.)

I started working on a new little birdie drawing, and it was going well until I completely overworked it and couldn't get it back and it was on cold press paper which is the devil incarnate. inpapernate. inpulpnate.

quiet spaces #18

Whatever. It's crap and I hate it.

I was only using it because I thought I was out of hot press.

But then? While I was looking for something else?

I found a whole new pad of hot press - a little smaller than I wanted to use, but at least it's not evil cold press.


And I started something new. Something smooth and hot pressy, with lots of line work. And oh, yes, you bet...there will be color. Tomorrow. And I will not overwork it because I am a strong and powerful woman.

Just like Madonna. ( it.)

Anyhow - what's up with the stacked birds? Honestly - I don't know. I'm thinking of stacking lots of different things - maybe it will be my next series...I need a good series...

Any suggestions? What should I stack?