Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yellah Bells

Yellow Bells


Actually, the last 8 Saturdays started the same as this one...early. My soccer players had to go to soccer school at 9, which meant we had to leave the house by 8, which meant we had to eat breakfast by 7, which had me up by 6.

Which, of course, is just like every other day, so it's only a mental irritation.

Because I'm still 14 at heart, and feel like I DESERVE to sleep in on Saturdays.
Scenes like the one above, though, make waking up before the dawn worthwhile.

My great-grandmother, Mama Carrie, in Alabama, always called forsythias, "yellah bells." I would write that out as yellow, but that's not how she said it.  I had no idea they were called anything else until I moved to Tennessee and made the mistake of asking for a "yellah bell" at the garden center.

After a blank stare and a couple of blinks of confusion, I called my mom and found out that the plant is actually called a forsythia. I've since learned that there are at least two other plants called yellow bells. Who knew?

I think it's my favorite sign of spring - all those bright yellow blossoms look like little (yellah) baby suns.

Plus? They remind me of my Mama Carrie...