Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now...

Crocus Blossoms

Another nice day, another afternoon spent sunning like an iguana on the rocks of Galapagos.

And I have the sunburned feet to prove it.

I finished my commissioned piece, and the client loved it. I'm pretty excited about it, too. It's a house in Knoxville, and I'll actually be taking it with me next week and dropping it off in person and getting to meet the client - how cool is that? I've loved working with Etsy, but most of my sales have been very far away, and I'll never get to meet the people who have bought my paintings. It's a far cry from a personal shop where you can meet people and shake hands with customers.

We are heading out to the Talky Beer Place in a bit, to meet the Smarty. I'll be carrying along my Hipstamatic and seeing what kinds of St. Patrick's Day photos I can capture. We'll go early to avoid the majority of the green beer need to introduce that concept to my boys quite yet...

Erin go bragh, ya'll.