Friday, March 26, 2010



We're back in Arlington.
We're tired.
We're out of milk.

The week in Knoxville flew by at a breakneck speed, leaving me with very little time to seek out free internet access, as evidenced by a complete lack of posting, other than a couple of quickies on quirk. I took photos and read a couple of books and educated a couple of punks and spent a few good hours with some spectacular girlfriends and a few good hours with a spectacular hair stylist (who happens to be one of those spectacular girlfriends.)

I also had a chance to slip in a meet up with Linda to talk about our dismal lack of creativity and what the Joe Biden we're going to do about it. That's a subject of much debate and contemplation. We'll talk later.

A certain SmartyPants had a birthday, too.

Happy Birthday to You

And Hot Wheels were had by all.


Gotta go get some milk, man.