Friday, March 19, 2010

Written and Unwritten

Inkdeath Excerpt

Another day spent reading at the park, while the boys acted out pirates and policemen, soldiers and Gungans on the playground. I'm continuing in my quest to read all the most popular young adult literature. I'm currently in the last installment of Cornelia Funke's Inkworld trilogy, Inkdeath.

I read the previous two books a while ago, but just hadn't found the time to pick up this weighty tome (over 600 pages). I saw it at the library the other day though, and decided it was time to finish the story. I've had kind of a love-hate relationship with the series, sometimes feeling like, you know, could we just get on with it already?

But sometimes I kind of love it, because it goes out of its way to demonstrate the power of words over all our lives - the good and the bad and the downright wicked.

If you are looking for a new story to pique your interest, or to share with your (older) kids, I can't help but recommend it.

Even when I don't like it.

And when I do.

I'm ready to be done, now.

I'm conflicted.