Thursday, July 17, 2008

Golden Gate

I spent half the day yesterday, on my own again. Took a bus to the Golden Gate Park to see the Chihuly exhibit at the de Young museum. VERY nice. I took some pics on my small camera, but I can't upload them here, so when I get back to Tennessee, I'll see if any are good and blog them then.

I was rather manhandled and harrassed by a drunk, quite possibly schizophrenic man on the bus, which really ticked me off for a while, but staring at the sculptures helped tremendously. So did Dr. SmartyPants' arrival when his conferencing was over. We spent a little more time in the other exhibits, had lunch and headed out to the Golden Gate Bridge.

After a couple of strange misdirections and one bus driver who just made a loop and skipped going where the route said he was supposed to go and then stopped at an intersection and said, "END OF THE LINE!" Okay...Anyway...

We found another route to take us there and made it finally. And I got to take this...

Golden Gate Bridge

along with quite a few others. You can check them all out here if you are so inclined.

We're off together today - heading back down to Pier 39 to take a boat ride and go to the aquarium and just be together.

More when I get back...Saturday is a special day...hmmm...