Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Blogday

Self Portrait with Alcatraz

Three years ago, I decided to try this thing called blogging.  I set out not knowing what I was doing, but that is a pretty familiar place for me - not knowing what I'm doing.  It's been interesting watching the changes over the last three years.  Some months I've blogged heavily, some not at all, and some I probably shouldn't have but did anyway.

I've found friends, both near and far.  Linda is the only one I've met in person (and the only one to take care of my cat for a week...thanks so VERY much) but the others are no less friends, confidants and sources of constant inspiration.

There are days when I'm not sure what kind of blogger I am.  I read art blogs and news blogs and mommy blogs and homeschooling blogs and writer blogs and sometimes I feel like I try to be all of those and end up being none of them.  I've considered having multiple blogs to compartmentalize all those different elements of myself, and actually have one under a nom de plume that maybe I'll tell you about someday (shhh Linda).  But then I think that that's just too complicated and as I am an artist and photographer and reader and writer and mommy and homeschooler then my blog should reflect all of those facets.  

The real question is..."For whom do I blog?"  The answer is not so easy because it depends on the day.  Sometimes I blog for myself, because I have something to say and I need to get it out there.  Sometimes it is because when I see my thoughts or photos or art onscreen it helps me to see what needs to change and what the best way is to change it.  Sometimes I blog because I have seen something amazing or beautiful and I think everyone else needs to see it, too.  Sometimes I blog so that in 20 years my children will be able to see what their mama was like before I got old and gray and stuck in my ways.

So.  If you are a frequent visitor here, thanks for coming by.  I'd love it if you'd all comment and say hello to me someday, even if you generally just lurk.  I'm constantly amazed at how the internet has shrunken our world.  I'm even more constantly amazed at how similar we all are across the globe and across the generations.