Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Mow

It seems so simple.  A machine does all the work.  All I have to do is walk behind it and make sure I'm not destroying any Lego contraptions or super cool Hot Wheels cars.  I can do that.  I usually leave this to Dr. SmartyPants, but sometimes his schedule just doesn't jibe with the grass growth rates and I take it upon myself to intervene.  Like today.

Beautiful day.  Nice to be outside.  Low humidity.  A perfect day for a little mowing, right?

You'd think.

But then, suddenly, the indefatigable Toro just quit.  We bought this mower soon after we bought our first house, 8 1/2 years ago.  It has started on the first or second pull every single time, even given that the spark plug has only been changed twice.  When I started it today, it was purring like a kitten.  Golden man...golden.  Until the long stretch of grass by the back deck.  When it just quit.  On me.  It has gas, I added some.  That is the limit to my working knowledge of the internal combustion engine.  Gas?  Check.  Uhhhh...

So, it sits.  Yard 3/4 mowed.  Waiting for the doc to come home and fix it.  I hope.

I think I'll fold some laundry.

update:  The doc came home, wiggled his magical engineering fingers over the top of it and it started right up.