Monday, January 30, 2006

EDM #s 51 and 52 TV and Dog

As always, behind on my challenges, but I managed to eke two out in the last two days. I didn't actually draw my TV, but I did draw what was on it last night. We watched our new DVD of The Sound of Music, one of my favorite all time movies. What fabulous scenery, music, storyline - ah, to escape to one of my first loves - musicals. In my childhood imaginings, everyone should break out into song in response to a question, or dance in unison in the street with no rehearsals. I was always very disappointed with reality. sigh.

There are some really scary sketches here. People on TV and in movies just move too quickly - and you factor in the dancing, and well - this is what you get...

I also did challenge #52 - draw a dog. I drew my two pups napping on the red couch this morning.

Oscar, the wonder-dog. Not so active as those tv people.

Chico. The name really says it all. Actually, we call him "Princess" alot. Yeah - we know he's a boy dog. But he acts like a Princess.