Saturday, January 07, 2006

Finished Portrait

I believe I'm done! Yippee! This has been a wonderful journey for me - I've been amazed to watch it develop. Any other artists out there who feel sometimes like you just sit back and watch everything happen? Sometimes, I suppose when I jump over fully to the right brain, I feel a little like a passenger on the art train - just watching and marveling at the form taking shape. Of course, I've always been a little bit odd.

Anyhow - then when Mr. Left Brain kicks in and starts telling me how this or that doesn't quite look right, I get all tense and a little breathless and start second guessing every stroke of the brush. I think Mr. LB comes in handy when balancing my checkbook or filling out the grocery list, but other than that, I would really like him to leave me the heck alone!

So - I'm done. I like it. Mr. LB even likes it. I think I'll buy a really expensive frame and hang it up - my boys deserve that!