Friday, February 03, 2006

It's February - Think Pink!

Having been inspired by Laura, and all her many colors over the last year, I decided to give over a month to one color and investigate all it's many gradations. I have decided to start with my favorite - PINK. In particular, I am totally in love with dark shades of the color - my quinacridone magenta paint tube is constantly running out. Can't get enough of it! So - here's the beginning...
On a resolution update - I have been doing a little sketching in public. I was out at Big Ed's Pizza in Oak Ridge and managed to sneak in a couple of sketches of the (very 70s) decor. And - Linda and I met (hi Linda!) at a local coffee shop to do some discreet sketches. We did, however, talk a whole lot more than we sketched, and so I really have nothing to show from our efforts. But - there is hope for our next adventure!