Monday, February 28, 2011

Might as Well Jump


We wandered around downtown Knoxville on Saturday, after the auto show, and tried to pretend we were in a big city. Knoxville has some tallish buildings, so it worked pretty well, and just getting out and walking in an urban environment helped me tremendously. We went to the Mast General Store, bought an obscene amount of candy from their old-fashioned barrels, and drank cokes out of glass bottles. We discovered that our favorite graffiti wall was all covered up, but that the alley next to it still had a little to enjoy. I also discovered that my boys cannot jump.

It was really kind of sad.

This was the best one I got, and he had to start on the door sill and jump out, just to get his feet off the ground.

I went out to meet a friend at lunchtime today, and left the boys here.

Derek called me 4 times, Joshua called me once. They just wanted to know if I was ever coming home.

I told them I'd get back to them.
I decided to go home after all, but wasn't sure I'd ever get there. The road was completely flooded over, and looked as if it would wash away at any moment. Dr. SmartyPants left the 4x4 SUV with me today, as the weather looked iffy, and I was very thankful that he did. (Thanks honey!) I went slowly and stuck to the middle of the road, but it was still scary.

It reminded me of when I went to Venezuela, but that's a story for another day. (Maybe I'll go look for the pictures I took. It's a really good story.)
I've got 17 entries in the giveaway, so if you haven't entered yet, please do! Even if 17 more people enter you've still got a good chance of winning one of THREE prizes. THREE, mind you...

Those of you that have already entered, THANK YOU! I've got five clear front-runners thanks to you!  You're all gorgeous, and your hair looks fantastic today.
This is the last day of February, and people, I don't think I've complained about it even one time this year. In nearly six years of blogging, I don't think I can honestly say that I've ever made it through a February without complaining about it.

That may very well be because the rest of the winter was so mind-numbingly horribly cold that February has seemed like a refreshing change of pace.

A refreshing change of pace with flooding and hail. HAIL! In February. So. Freaking. Weird.
Tomorrow it will be March, and with March comes all my favorite things...Daylight Savings Time, Spring, Dr. SmartyPants' birthday, Spring, flowers, daylight, Spring, green beer and Spring.

Did I mention that there are only 20 days until Spring? Yeah. 20.

That makes me feel like jumping. And I'm pretty sure I can jump better than Joshua, so there.

Have a great Monday, people...