Sunday, August 29, 2010

You Say it's Your Birthday?


It's my birthday too, yeah.


Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad to be 42:
  1. I'm still here, baby. 
  2. I have an amazing family. They made beignets for me this morning.
  3. My friends are the best.
  4. It's twice as much as 21, so I'm now twice as legal as I used to be.
  5. People are a lot more impressed when I say I am training for a 5K than they were when I was 30.
  6. I didn't have a Magical Unicorn Toe when I was 21.
  7. If you Google "Magical Unicorn Toe," I'm the first listing.
  8. I am still less than half the age of my grandparents, who are still living, which means I'm not yet middle aged and won't be for another five or six years.
  9. My car insurance is at an all time low.
  10. Another year older is another year to learn something I didn't know before. Like how to not end sentences in a preposition. Dang.