Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TFR and the Leftovers

Raikki Romeo Looks Up

Well, since I talked about Chico yesterday, I feel like I have to spend a little time on Raikki today. Sweet, sweet Raikki...the polar opposite of Chico.  Where Chico growls, Raikki whimpers. Where Chico charges, Raikki ducks and covers. Where Chico snaps, Raikki slobbers.

And slobbers.

And then he might drool.

Anyhow - Raikki had a bit of surgery whilst we were in Knoxville. We waited until we could go to our vet there, because they are awesome, as I may have mentioned yesterday. We also waited because the cost for the particular surgery that he needed was twice as expensive at the vet here in Arlington.


Just to remove a couple of things. You know. Yes. Those.

So. The boys were curious about the surgery, given the nature of it. They know just enough about reproduction to understand that it takes a male and a female, a sperm and an egg, but they understand it from more of a fish perspective...the female lays some eggs, the male swims over it and deposits the sperm - there's no contact between the two.

They also understand that mammals carry their young in their bellies, and therefore things must work differently between fish and mammals.

After we dropped Raikki off at the vet for his surgery, as we were driving home, Derek pipes up from the back seat.

"Hey Mom." (because every sentence that proceeds from his mouth must be prefaced by that phrase, regardless of whether there is anyone else in the car or room at that particular time.)

"Yes?" (because if I don't say "yes," he will just say "hey mom" again until I answer.)

"How does removing Raikki's testicles prevent him from making puppies?"

*hands gripping steering wheel a little more tightly* "Well, honey - you know that to make babies, you need an egg and sperm, right? Testicles are the sperm factory, so if he doesn't have any, he can't make any sperm."

"Oh. Okay."

*hands relax briefly*

"Hey Mom?"

*stomach clenches, hands grip* "Yes?"

"I know you need an egg and a sperm and all that, but how do the egg and the sperm get together?"

*panic. hyperventilate. slow down. remember to drive.* "Well, son. That's a bigger conversation than we can have in the car. We'll talk about it with your dad when he gets home, okay?"


*pass out. wake up. continue to drive home.*

"Hey Mom?" (this time it's Joshua.)

"Yes?" (the same rules apply.)

"I have a new name for Raikki." (remember his acronym fascination?)

"What's that?"

"TFR. Get it? Testicle Free Raikki!" (much laughter ensues, including from me.)

Later that afternoon, we headed back to the vet to pick him up, and the boys were rather fascinated with how things looked different.

"Hey guys - we'll have to be really careful with Raikki and make sure his stitches don't get pulled or anything."

"Stitches? Where does he have stitches?" (Derek again.)

"OH. Right." (as it dawns on him.) "In his leftovers..."