Friday, August 20, 2010

What? It's Homemade? WTH?


So. In the last week I have:
  1. made whole wheat pizza crust
  2. made whole wheat bread
  3. made half whole wheat tortillas
  4. made beer bread
And in doing such, I've discovered a few things:
  1. I like baking (and eating) homemade bread
  2. Dr. SmartyPants likes eating homemade bread
  3. Joshua likes eating homemade bread
  4. BEER bread? Yeah - 'nuf said.
  5. Don't overcook the tortillas.
  6. Derek does NOT like anything that I make from scratch. If it doesn't come in a bag or a box from the grocery store, it doesn't taste good. Especially if it is "organic." Please understand that he says it just that way - with the air quotes, as if I said, "Hey Derek! Come here and eat this poop I found in the back yard! It's "organic!"
I've also discovered that if I reheat the pizza on the homemade whole wheat pizza crust for lunch the next day, it suddenly tastes just dandy to Derek, and he'll eat every last bite, because he totally forgot it was homemade.

Ha! Suckah...