Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Don't Mean to Brag. Oh Wait. Yes...Yes I Do.


Do you see that bread up there?

That gorgeous, artisan whole wheat loaf of yummy deliciousness?

I made it.

With my own two hands. And a mixer up to the point where it got too gooey and I cast it aside and plunged my own two hands into the goop.

Now. Those who know me know how out of character this whole process is.
A: I did not use a mix.
B: I did not pay someone else to do it.
C: It involved the oven.
4: My hands got gooey stuff on them, and
E: I actually enjoyed the process.
I am not sure what has happened to me.

The recipe I used was from the back of the flour bag, but I found it here, if you're in the mood for a yummy home made bread. It is NOT a dinner roll recipe, despite what the photo might lead you to believe, BUT as I don't bake much outside the occasional birthday cake (from a mix) or lemon poppy seed muffins (from a mix) or brownies (from a mix), I didn't have a loaf pan.

I didn't actually realize I didn't have a loaf pan until I was midway through the first rise and I went to look for my loaf pan and remembered it was in Tennessee, and then I panicked, and then I improvised. I just cut the dough into 8 pieces and rolled it up into balls and slapped it into a round cake pan and made mini loaves.

And then this morning, I cut a mini roll-like loaf into 5 teeny slices and added butter and cinnamon sugar and broiled it and promptly died of glee.