Friday, August 27, 2010

Save the Drama for Your Mama

1.5 Miles

This was today - the day when I was proven to be correct about something. The day when "I know you can" became "You did it!"

It was a good day.

My boys ran 1.5 miles with me - 20 minutes of non-stop action. No...we aren't fast...just persistent...tortoises, not hares...

Up until this time (they've been following the couch to 5K program along with me, but were a few weeks behind...) the most they've ever run at one stretch was 8 minutes on Wednesday. There has been a lot of verbal coaching along the way - most of it consisting of things like:

  • Keep your breathing steady and quiet - all that noise is wasting energy!
  • Keep your shoulders still and your chest up - all that extra movement is wasting energy!
  • Find a focus point - calm your mind - all that tension is wasting energy!
  • Save the drama for later - all those histrionics are wasting energy!

Do you sense a theme here?

And today - after 5 solid weeks of dragging them to the track and begging them not to stop and pleading with them to just listen and do what I tell them and they'll make it and that they can do it because if I can do it they can do it and come on for pete's sake, just quit crying (ha) and you're not going to throw up, but if you do, make sure you get it in the grass and you can do it you can do it if you put your mind to it...

They did it.

Way to go, guys. Mama's so proud of you both.