Monday, February 02, 2009

Everywhere We Go

There we are.

We're in Knoxville this week - since Friday, actually.  My folks drove up from Alabama to meet us and celebrate Papa's birthday.

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Whenever we're here, we try to squeeze in as many friend visits and doctor and dentist and whatever appointments as we can, but today threw a little wrench in our plans.  We made it to my orthodontist visit and also managed to drop off the paperwork that keeps us school-legal, but everything else got shafted.

Because of this...

Snowy Chairs

The snow started while we were at the orthodontist, and this is what our back yard looked like an hour later.  Driving back home in my Mustang was a bit of a challenge.

Linda and I were supposed to be getting together this evening.  Not...looking...promising...

The bugs were supposed to have lunch with one of their buddies.  Didn't happen.

Their guitar lesson has been canceled.

We're supposed to head back to Arlington tomorrow morning.  Not likely.

Thankfully, we have lights and heat and food.  We have schoolwork, DVDs and the Wii, and maybe the bugs will get their Nintendo DS's out of hock.  I brought my knitting and sketching supplies, I have books and a new BlackBerry Storm to keep me occupied.

And, of course, the blogosphere.  Sweet, sweet bloggy goodness.

Keep posting, people - I DON'T have cable...