Sunday, February 08, 2009



1. Doodlebug with a ZR1, 2. Porsche, 3. Washington Auto Show, 4. VW Reflections, 5. ZR1, 6. Corvette, 7. Bug, 8. Washington Auto Show, 9. Dodge Electric Vehicle, 10. Ferrari 550 Maranello, 11. The Bugs with some Ferraris, 12. Corvette ZR1

We headed out on Friday to the Washington Auto show, where all the Ott boys drooled to their hearts' content.

Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful days, with temperatures reaching the low 60s today.  We walked all over Arlington on Saturday, and headed back out to the Lincoln Memorial today, in honor of Abraham Lincoln's upcoming 200th birthday.  I had a chance to sketch the big man, himself.  I haven't had a chance to scan my drawing yet, but I'll get it uploaded tomorrow.

We visited the Korean War Memorial today, too.  It was my first visit there and I was struck by the stark, rough nature of the sculpture.  Commentary on the stark, rough nature of war, I suppose. 

Korean War Memorial