Monday, February 16, 2009


SI Castle Window

I've noticed the days getting longer, and the quality of light changing this last week or so.  Even though the temperatures have been chilly, the darkness is receding.  While out on the National Mall on Sunday, I even noticed some bushes sprouting some yellow flowers.  They reminded me of the forsythia that usually start blooming about now farther south of here, but I'm not sure exactly what they are.  All I know is that they lifted my spirits.

This room lifted my spirits, as well.  It's the west wing of the Smithsonian Castle, and it is a beautiful space.  It's the first Smithsonian space that I've been in that wasn't crowded with throngs of loud-talking, inconsiderate people.  The soaring ceilings and beautiful windows and skylights let in a ton of light and warmth, and the soft velvet benches provided ample seating to enjoy the collections.  It's a place I believe I'll find myself on those days when I venture out alone, in need of quiet reflective time.