Friday, February 13, 2009

Bye Bye Blackbird

Red Winged Blackbird

Last Sunday, as we walked toward the Lincoln Memorial, Doodlebug and I spotted a red-winged blackbird sitting in a leafless shrub.  I couldn't get my camera in place quickly enough, but seeing the little blackbird made me want to draw one.  So - I turned to the trusty WetCanvas reference library and found a lovely photo, graciously provided by Dave Slaughter.

It's funny.  This was my favorite bird when I was a kid.  I'm pretty sure it's because I could identify it in the air - the flash of yellow and red surrounded by all that deep, dark black.  I can still remember learning about them in my kindergarten class in upstate New York.  My mom has always enjoyed birding, and I can remember looking for these birds with her.  Of course, they were everywhere, so I had immediate success. 

Maybe that's the key to a lifelong love of something - immediate success.

No.  Wait.  I've had a lifelong love of music and art and other pursuits in which I didn't have immediate success.  Ahhh...

The key to a lifelong love of something - immediate joy.

Yes, indeed.