Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warmish and Windy

Woman in Quincy Park

February threw me another bone yesterday.  The temperature was pleasant, although the wind was quite strong.  We headed out to the park to enjoy the sunshine while we could.  This lady was watching her children and reading something on her phone.  She was very still, which made it quite easy for me to dash off a quick sketch of her.  The wind was whipping her long black hair into a frenzy, though.  I was glad of my ponytail holder, personally.

I picked up this sketchbook while I was out with Linda on our latest, extended, visit to Knoxville.  We met up at Borders to chat and catch up and so she could impress me with her mad iPod Touch drawing skilz.  The sketchbook is one of the Paperchase varieties, inexpensive, but nicely put together.  I've been wanting to draw on this brown paper for a while, following Teri's zentangles and those marvelous drawings of of Bjorn Eskil, who is somewhere here in Arlington.  I love how the gouache looks on this paper - I'll definitely be doing some more in it.

Steviewren and Ai sent some love my way this week - I guess they thought I needed it after my whiny post on Tuesday.  It's much appreciated and sent right back to them. 


Anyway - I'm supposed to list seven things I love, then pass the award on to seven bloggers that I love.  Here goes:

  1. I love the first buds and shoots that come up in anticipation of spring. 
  2. I love the way tough little boys still like to curl up in my lap in the mornings, their eyes not quite opened, their hair still matted from the pillow.
  3. I love that the friends I've had the longest are the ones I love the most.
  4. I love curling up on the couch with a good book and a stack of others waiting for me.
  5. I love feeling the sun warm my face.
  6. I love learning something new and finding an application for it.
  7. I love standing in front of a painting and having it take my breath away.

Now on to some lovely bloggers.  Please go say hello, and tell them I sent you!

  • Zelma Cinnamon.  I met Zelma through Linda, and right now she's working on a GORGEOUS peony using a reference photo that I took at the Biltmore House last spring.
  • Chris Beck.  I stumbled across one of Chris' blogs via the Artist's Magazine Blog, and her work is spectacular.
  • Melinda.  My oldest and dearest friend - a writer of such hilarity as to make you double over in stitches, except when she writes such poignant stuff that makes you want to cry.  Go.  Read.  Weep.  Laugh.
  • Ray.  He's my dad.  What can I say?  He should blog more.
  • Karen Blados.  Wonderful, best ink lines ever.
  • Pherenike.  Always inspirational, lovely photos.
  • Ann Nemcosky.  Homeschooling mama, wonderful artist.